The H2020 i3-MARKET project Consortium and the H2020 INFINITECH project in collaboration with the IoT Forum and the Alliance for the Internet of Things Association (AIOTI) are pleased to invite IoT experts, designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and researchers to the Data Marketplaces & Data Economy Hackathon. An event co-located as part of the IoT Week 2022 Hackfest Series. Participants will be offered access to state-of-the-art i3-MARKET and INFINITECH infrastructure, IoT Platforms, IoT Data Sets provided by leading European research projects and initiatives. In addition, participants will benefit from crash courses and on-site support provided by the project engineers.

On-site deployment of devices will allow realistic interactions of the applications with the public: gateways, cloud services, sensor platforms, and wearables will be made available to participants.



Training sessions will take place on Wednesday, 22th June from 11:30 to 12:30 and will provide practical demonstrations and use cases of the building of applications using the provided infrastructure. These short focused sessions will rapidly allow participants to step-in the state of the art European research initiatives on IoT.



Each participating team will have to compete for one of the hereunder mentioned challenges:

  • Connectivity challenge: empower your application by making use of different device access technologies, building upon IoT Gateway. Possibly propose additional bridge to IoT Platforms to extend technology coverage, preferable open-source platforms.
  • Semantic Interoperability challenge: demonstrate the potential of the semantic web for the Internet of Things by means of building an IoT data interoperability solution and deploy a real time IoT service using the power of i3-MARKET backplane framework.
  • Dataspace and Marketplace challenge: demonstrate the potential of data marketplaces and the use of i3-MARKET Backplane components as main elements for trading operations and solutions with the objective to design IoT Data services using the power of Data in commercial applications.
  • Business challenge: demonstrate how to exploit finance data in a commercial way, using the INFINITECH data platform, considering use cases such as water management or parking spaces optimization.
  • Service composition challenge: become creative and demonstrate the value of IoT Data assets. Make data assets interact with online applications for trading data solutions. Use the features of INFINITECH project for composing financial services that fetch data from financial repositories, process them and communicate information to embedded banking and insurance services.


  1. Register at IoT WEEK 2022 Hackfest. No fee is applicable but you need to register and you can get initial training, data sets, and infrastructure access, as well as on-site coffee catering, and food is offered for in-person participants, judges, and mentors.
  2. Mention you selected challenge and expected use of devices and infrastructure within the registration survey so we can offer you with the best on-site technical experience
  3. List your participation in ChallengePost  to attract teammates around your idea and meet them on the team formation session.
  4. Attend the training session on Wednesday morning and start coding
5. Teams of maximum 4 persons composed of individuals (over 18 years in age) or organisations and projects' representatives.

Be registered at IoT WEEK 2022 Hackfest as i3-MARKET / Infinitech Hackathon participant.

Hackathon Sponsors


IoT Week 2022 Award

IoT Week 2022 Award will allow access to the IoT Community services and the community, and will recognize the team's ability to leverage several projects as well as the innovation and maturity levels of the proposed software.

i3-MARKET Special Prize - Award

The i3-MARKET award is in the form of access to Open Source software infrastructure and will recognize those who make better use of data sets in commercial ideas and applications in Dataspaces and Marketplaces.

INFINITECH Special Prize - Award

The INFINITECH award will offer to have full access to the INFINITECH ecosystem and its partners and will recognize those who make better use of finance and transaction data and design and present the best commercial solutions and potential applications in Fintechs.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Ernesto Troiano

Ernesto Troiano

Achille Zappa

Achille Zappa
H2020 i3-MARKET, NUIG Ireland

Ivan Martinez

Ivan Martinez
H2020 i3-MARKET, Atos Spain

Vittorio Monferrino

Vittorio Monferrino

Judging Criteria

  • Collaboration
    Does the IoT service take advantage of the features and capabilities of several platforms? Was a mix of expertise involved?
  • Disruption
    Is the proposed product/service innovant compared to state of the art ?
  • Maturity
    Is the proposed solution developped to a high level of maturity or as an early prototype ?
  • Interoperability
    Interoperability should be demonstrated at the semantic level (demonstrate the potential of the semantic web for the Internet of Things) or at the technological level (Empower your application by making use of different devices access technologies)

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